Songs 3

by The Savage Cats

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released March 3, 2013



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The Savage Cats Portland, Oregon

Just making music in my bedroom.
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Track Name: Plastic
They're all free to roam
They're all free to roam
But they dont want to

Thought you'd come along
I Thought you'd come along
But you dont have to.

Ill go on my own
Ill go on my own
But i dont want to

You Just Stay at home
You just stay at home
and see what happens

Heard you called it off
I Heard you called it off
Well what happened?

thought i heard a cry
I thought i heard a cry
through all that laughter

You could change your mind
You could change your mind
but you dont have to

You could stick around
you'll just stick around
Your just like Plastic
Track Name: I Know Better, I Dont Know
No one hears you
i cant hear at all

I tried to warn you
all i need is sold

i might be lonely
im not scared at all

you wont judge me
im no friend at all

here i am again
its been so long

be come a stranger
all those friends are gone

I know better
i dont know at all

we'll hold together
till the other falls
Track Name: Graves and Photographs
In my grave and bed
They'll write a page for me
And hang it over my head

In my families words
They'll make a song for me
about the person i am

When i'm awake in bed
She's still lying there
maybe in my head

If my time runs thin
please come visit me
where ever i am

If i fall behind
please don't wait for me
iam doing fine

If you start to cry
I wont bother you
or whats in your mind

All I'll leave behind
is some old photographs
and songs of mine
Track Name: Lost Time(Mind)
Stefanies in the yard
Putting on some sun

She's wondering where you are
Id wondered where you'd been

I might show light
I might take time

There i lost my mind
or was i growing up

Im sure your doing fine
now time has hurried up

I might show light
I might take time
Track Name: Useless Hands
I was running,
yeah i was cold
I was running ,
yeah i was cold

Until i woke with steady hands
and my legs wont let me stand.

Ive become a useless man
And i was born with useless hands

And I was told where to stand
And i was told where i am

I was Born with both my Eyes
And i was told to see the light

Until i woke with out my sight
and now my heart too he is blind
Track Name: Old Song
Should i follow
should i follow you?
I dont know.

Tomorrow well im not sure

Are you wrong now?
tell me you wrong now
well i hope so.

Are you gone now
tell me your gone now
Well, im not sure

proving you wrong now,
im proving you wrong now
well i think so

its been so long now
its been so long now,
i know im slow
Track Name: Montana
Maybe ill take a train all the way out to Montana
Seems i've been on for days,
but it aint been more than an hour

Maybe ill go insane from sitting still
its already happened
I have friends and a goldmine of ideas ive abandon

Who am i to tell you your right or wrong it doesn't matter

Think i might not go back
cause out here i feel at home

shared a couch as a bed
i think i might not go home
Track Name: I Tried
little dab will do ya'
Well, it didn't make much sense

When all our time,
all our moneys all been spent

Tried hard to warn you,
said it "it made No Sense"
and oh my god, i saw it coming now im dead

Tried hard to work, well,
it didn't make much sense
all the time and every dollar that i spent

never gave a reason, i just seemed to go
And all our time spent they laid off long ago

Soon ill Bury my Mother,
im sure my father too

Sooner or later my own brothers, sisters too.

think im loosing my vision
I think my mind went too.
Sooner or later, everybody else gone too

Tried hard to live,
All that work i did it didn't make much sense

instead of sit and wonder,
Ill just go to bed
So nothing more outside gets put inside my head
Track Name: Dead End
Met a man she called her savior
The only one who could ever raise her
Shes so stern, she'll never learn
Shes to tough you cannot teach her,

Met a girl in the Northwest corner
now shes on her way back homeward
i dont need anything
I dont need anything
just nothing

so i've become a stranger
never been so prone to danger
that tree got the best of me
but all we got was all that laughter

So i've become a dead end
everything i said my friends did
you don't need anything
well i don't need anything
just nothing
Track Name: Dig
If you cant find the reason,
You might dig underneath
If you cant find the reason
to leave
you might dig underneath
of your own feet

cause all this time spent alive im living,
oh my god what the hell am i thinking

If you cant find a reason
you might look underneath
of your own feet